Selected Compositions

Fanfare for Robin
for Brass Quintet (2022)

As I Grew Older
for Chamber Orchestra and SATB Chorus (2022)

for Two Pianos (2021)

Love Poem
for Guitar and Flute (2019)

In Memoriam Jóhann Jóhannsson
for Piano (2018)

Healing for left hand piano
for left hand piano (2018)

Song of Thanks
for left hand piano (2018)

Fantasy on an Allemande by Bach
for Solo Cello (2017, rev. 2018)

flowering like the stars, and measureless as a kiss
for Violin and Viola (2017)

Three Moods for Viola and Piano
for Viola and Piano (2017)

Eternal Gardens
for Solo Piano (2015)

Soundscapes (2015)
for Alto Saxophone and Bassoon

Vita (2014)
for Soprano and Piano

Fanfares and Elegies (2013)
for twelve Horns
commissioned by the Northwest Horn Orchestra

Grooves and Diversions (2013)
for Percussion Quartet
commissioned by the Portland Percussion Group
listen to Grooves and Diversions (2013)

Contemplations (2012)
for Alto Saxophone and Cello (2012)

As I Grew Older (2012)
for Full Chorus

Song of the Son (2012)
for Male Chorus

Soliloquy (2012)
for solo Oboe; commissioned by Mitch Iimori

Evocations (2011)
for solo Horn

Contrapuntal Etude No. 1
for solo Piano (2011)

Ozymandias (2010)
for Baritone Voice and Piano (setting of a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley) (2010)

Earth Dweller (2009)
for Full Chorus (setting of William Stafford) (2009)
listen/watch video

Kent’s Song (2009)
for Medium Voice, Piano and Percussion
music written to accompany a video tribute to Kent Swanson, Jr. (2009)

Summer Rhapsody (2008)
for Brass Quintet

Two Songs of Baudelaire (2008)
for Soprano Voice and Piano, revised version

Gravitations (1995/2008)
for Bb Clarinet

Gravitations explores various aspects of musical motion, especially the idea of moving to and away from central focal points. Although the application of this idea as it relates to the element of pitch is perhaps one of the more obvious manifestations of this concept, the idea is applied to other musical parameters as well.

In addition to pitch, the work explores this idea in the contexts of register, rates of motion, rhythm/meter (pulsed versus non-pulsed musical gestures), the use of long, sustained tones versus angular, athletic passages, conjunct versus disjunct motion, and moods that vary from serene and introspective to angular and strident, playful and athletic. The dramatic shape of the work is largely determined by the various ways in which these contrasting elements interact.

Approximate duration: 7’30”

Northwest Travels (2006)
for Horn in F, Violin, and Piano
Northwest Travels could be described as a sort of “musical travelogue” inspired 
by the long drive I made, along with my wife and son, from Bloomington, Indiana 
to Portland, Oregon in the late summer of 2004 in preparation for our move to 
the west coast. To some extent, the work represents an attempt to capture some 
of the many feelings associated with this particular trip as well as the
 experience of being in transit on the way to a new, exciting destination.
listen to 1st movement
listen to 2nd movement
listen to 3rd movement
listen to 4th movement

Two Songs of Baudelaire (2005)
for Soprano Voice and Piano

I. Brumes et Pluies

II. Le Vin des amants

The Garden of Earthly Delights (2004)
for Orchestra
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I. Prelude
II. The Garden

Nocturne (2004)
for Horn in F and Piano
Nocturne was written for hornist Brian Kilp and pianist Martha Krasnican. It 
was inspired by the experience of putting my son to bed at night, a time of
 calm for both of us in which the cares of the day are set aside. Although the
 overall mood of the work is one of serenity, the piece also explores various 
other moods suggested to me through reflecting on the ideas of the end of the 
day and the arrival of night.

Toccata (2003)
for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Memento (2003)
for Alto Saxophone and Organ

And Peace at the Last (2002)
for Mixed Chorus

Song for Mallory (2000)
for solo Piano

The Unwavering Light (1999)
for 16 Voices

Rhapsody (1998)
for solo piano

Postlude (1998)
for solo piano

Untamed Waters (1996)
for 17 players

Tremors from Time’s Abyss (1995)
for Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Cello, Contrabass, Piano and 2 Percussionists

Interactions (1995)
for Flute, Clarinet, Vibraphone, Cello, Harp, and Percussion

Snowfall (1994)
for Soprano solo, Flute/Alto Flute, Cello, Harp, and Percussion

Variations (1993)
for Piano solo

Variations explores the musical potential of a motivic idea presented in the
 opening of the work.  Each variation focuses on specific manipulative processes 
which feature parameters such as texture, rhythm, dynamics, register, and 
figuration.  Variations was written for and is dedicated to

Re-emergences (1991)
for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, and 2 Percussionists

Dynamo (1991)
for Tenor Trombone solo

Epiphanies (1990)
for Soprano solo, Fl, Cl, Bssn, Hn in F, Vln, Vla, Vc, and Cb

Introspections (1988)
for Alto Saxophone solo

A Whisper from Long Ago (1988)
for Chamber Chorus and Piano
text by Dag Hammarskjold

La Nuit Finale (1986)
for Alto Saxophone and Electronic Mixer

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